With the explosion in online marketing that’s occurred in the last 10 years, many businesses make the mistake of thinking that digital advertising campaigns can provide sufficient publicity to remove the need for print marketing.

While the power of the Internet cannot be ignored, the efficacy of a good print campaign can’t either. Print will always be around, quite simply because it can reach audiences that digital marketing can’t and in a way that 2-D digital design will never be able to. Indeed, there’s a quality to printed media that’s simply lost when the same content is transferred to a screen. Moreover, the choice of stock for the brochure can be a strategic one – think plush, high quality card for companies offering premium products or services, or grainy recycled card for companies offering natural, organic or eco-friendly products or services.

Our designers are passionate about designing for print and it shows in our work. With our ability to understand the markets that we design for, our brochures are as capable of communicating a message, as they are pleasing to the eye. With the print process being such a confusing one, we also offer our clients the option of handling it themselves or allowing us to take care of everything.