Imagine you were setting up your own brand design consultancy.
You’d be looking for a reliable team of experienced individuals obsessed with design and campaign effectiveness.

But, more than that, you’d want to set up a group who were professional yet approachable, hard-working yet relaxed. Colleagues who would listen hard, challenge you when needed and never be pretentious. People…well, like us.

In the last decade our industry has transformed… and so have we.

The experience we’ve gained and the valuable lessons we’ve learned over the years with a wide range of clients will undoubtedly enhance your experience of working with us.

In fact, Loud has over 20 years’ valuable experience delivering effective design and marketing solutions, truly engaging with, often difficult-to-reach audiences, articulating diverse and sometimes challenging messages both online and off.

Today we are proud to work with some of the UK’s top organisations.